How to use highlighter on face

How to use highlighter on face

The trend of highlighting your face to accentuate your makeup look is in trend (it has always been!) A Highlighter can give your face an ethereal, lit-from-within glow on the go. No wonder why it is considered to be a makeup staple for pro artists far and wide. However, with so many options around, you may find it a lil’ tricky to impart a green flag to your highlighting journey. Worry not! We’ve came up with a guide that will give you an idea of everything related to how highlighter can be applied on the face like PRO.

So get your brushes READY…here we embark on our highlighter journey!



  1. Always highlight the high points of your face i.e. your cheekbones, upper bridge of the nose, and cupids bow.
  2. Consider using a slightly lighter foundation as a base and then highlight on the areas you want to bring out for a more well blended look.
  3. To finish off the look, use a very fine shimmer powder in a minimal amount to get the desired glow.
  4. Opt for a good quality blending brush just like EuropeGirl’s Medium Fan Brush / Highlight Brush


  1. Over applying highlight and shimmer can make your facial features look harsh.
  2. If you don't blend your highlighter properly, you’ll fail to get a defined and structured look.
  3. Don’t apply highlighter onto the apples of your cheeks.
  4. Don’t copy the highlight technique of someone else instead use one of your own.


How to Apply Powder Highlighter:

If you're using a tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation, make sure you set your base with a translucent powder - this will allow your powder highlighter to glide and settle on your skin perfectly (it wont won't skid or crease at all).

Once you’re prepped with this, bring out your powder highlighter into the game.

Step1: Lightly into the powder, tapping off the excess to avoid oversaturating your cheeks in highlighter.

Step2: Lightly dip a small, tapered brush into the powder. EuropeGirl’s Endless Glow Highlighter works best with almost every small to medium-sized blush brush.

Step3: Tap off the excess to avoid oversoaking your cheeks in highlighter. 

Step4: Next, dust the brush across your high points (cheekbones, brow bones, Cupid's bow, and the bridge of the nose) in a sweeping motion.

How to Apply Liquid Highlighter:

Just as powders and creams go on top of powders and creams, liquids go on top of other liquids. Don't reach out for any powders and straight dip into applying your liquid highlighter once you've applied your base.

Step1: Start by dabbing the liquid highlighter directly onto your high points.

Step2: Next, sheer with your fingers or your foundation brush to blend the highlighter out.

Step3:  In case, your liquid highlighter is equipped with a pump applicator – dispense a small amount onto your finger and apply to the high points.

Tip: If you want to make your makeup look more luminescent, mix a few drops of liquid highlighter into your foundation for an all-over, lit-from-within glow!

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