Difference between primer and concealer

Difference between primer and concealer

Are you among those who are often confused on ‘what is the difference between a primer and concealer?’ Well, you’re definitely not alone! Even if we are armed with enough information for those two terms, we get confused time and again on what primer and concealer exactly are. But who’s there to blame? With such a huge array of makeup products available out there, its hard to decide on what exactly you need. To summarize you with the difference between primer and concealer, we’ve put up a guide on the same. Here, lets discover more about primer and concealer!

What is a Primer?

Primer is used to create a smooth, even surface for your foundation and hence it is applied after moisturizer and before foundation. There are different types of primers available on the market, where each one is designed for a specific purpose. Some are designed to control shine, while others are meant to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Irrespective of your skin type, there’s a primer that can help you achieve a flawless complexion and let your makeup look ‘THE PERFECT’.

Here are some types of primer that you must try:

EuropeGirl’s Oil primer – Ultra light weight, fast absorbing face oil that doubles as a primer or prepare skin for flawless make up application. It gives you a radiant youthful look. Moisturize skin for seamless makeup application.

EuropeGirl’s Pore primer – Helps to create a smooth canvas by filling in scars and pores., reduces wrinkles. Creates flawless skin. Moisturizes your skin, increases lasting of your make up. Creates perfectly smooth even surface for applying foundation.

EuropeGirl’s Primer serum – Extends the wear of make up and works with all complexions to create a perfect base for flawless foundation. It's Paraben free and cruelty free product.

EuropeGirl’s Gel Primer – Satiny touch oil free primer covers the fine line and pores and uneven texture making skin marvelously soft and smooth. Its parable free, enriched with vitamins and safe for all skin type.

What is a Concealer?

Concealer is a product that is used to cover up blemishes, dark circles, or other imperfections on the skin. Available different shades, it comes designed to suit the skin tone and can be either in a liquid or a cream form. While buying a concealer, make sure you’re choosing the right shade as it will highly determine the intensity of your makeup look.

Here are some types of concealers that you must try:

EuropeGirl’s Full coverage concealer

  • Full coverage formula for 16 hours of flawless wear
  • Smooths & brightens to make eyes appear lifted
  • Crease-proof formula won’t cake or settle
  • Helps smooth & blur appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

EuropeGirl’s Matchmaster Concealer – Matchmaster concealer used to cover open pores and hide tight eyes & dark circles. This product is ideal for hassle free non messy application and outcast dark circles blemishes.

EuropeGirl’s Concealer Palette – Professional and highly pigmented yet easy to blend , these concealers provide the ultimate coverage to hide any imperfections, creating a perfect flawless finish!

What’s The Difference Between Primer And Concealer?

Primer is typically used in the first step of any makeup routine. Its helps creating a smooth canvas for your foundation, controls shine and makes your makeup last longer. On the other hand, a concealer is used to cover blemishes or dark circles and is typically used after primer and foundation.

We hope this article was informative. Now that you know the exact use of primer and concealer, you can achieve a more polished makeup look on the go!

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