Best highlighter for fair skin in India

Best highlighter for fair skin in India

Who doesn't want to adorn a lovely dewy makeup look? Well, everyone of us do. But to achieve that particular look, you’ll need the right set of makeup products with you. As you might already know the ‘dipped in highlighter' trend is taking the storm all over internet – you may wanna try that look too. However, lets get it straight - finding the right type of highlighter for your skin is a game of hassle. With a plethora of highlighters range available out there, choosing the right one for your skin type can be back-breaking. But worry not - we are here to your rescue. In our guide of ‘Best highlighter for fair skin in India,’ you’ll find the best highlighter range that will be capable of giving your skin an ethereal, lit-from-within glow on the go!

Here are some of the best highlighters you can get your hands on right now

EuropeGirl’s After Glow Highlighter Palette:

This after glow highlighter packs 6 different intuitive shades – it has a light weight formulation which feels comfortable on the skin all day long. It has a sheen that will give you a natural shine on your cheeks and bow bone, and a natural glow to your face on the go.

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EuropeGirl’s Endless Glow Highlighter:

This particular highlighter from EuropeGirl is worth adding to your makeup kit. Available in 6 variants, its lustrous pearl formulae will provide a rich set in light sheen with extreme bendability and all day flawless wear. Moreover, it is suitable for every skin type!

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EuropeGirl’s 2 Color Highlighter

Light up your features with understated shimmer using this micro smooth face powder. Each delicate color has a weightless silky texture that weal’s the complexion with a unique mirror effect for instant subtle radiance.
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So these were the three best highlighters for your face. Try them out and you’ll surely glow like a star wherever you go!

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