Which types of foundation are best for dry skin

Which types of foundation are best for dry skin

Picking the right set of makeup products for your skin is hard, but finding the right type of foundation is even harder. Nailing down on a perfect foundation with precise pigment, finish, and coverage can make you look flawless on the go. But what gets complicated is the process that goes into finding it – especially if you’re someone with a dry skin type. For that, you’ll have to look for an all in one formulated foundation that will offer you the ideal coverage, moisture, radiance, and longevity at the same time.

And to present you with ‘’THE PERFECT ONE’’, we’ve come up with a stack of stunning foundation range that will blend into your dry skin like a treat and render you with a FLAWLESS BASE on the go. 

Types of Foundation For Dry Skin

    1. Cream Foundation

      With a dry skin type, it will always require you to provide your skin with enough hydration. In order to avoid your foundation get sink into your skin, opting on a cream formula is a must! Highly pigmented with a medium to full coverage - they often come in compacts, tubes, and pumps and offer a variety of finishes such as matte, natural and dewy. You can apply them with a blending sponge or a brush.

    1. Liquid Foundation

      Indeed a smooth choice for people with dry skin, Liquid Foundation is often a go to choice for almost everyone! As this particular foundation range differs in terms of consistency, wear time, and hydration level – it is most often preferred by every other makeup enthusiast. You can wear a liquid foundation with a brush or a sponge - it will tend to blend into your skin effortlessly. All in all, liquid foundation should be the ultimate must-have for those tied down with dry skin!

  1. Mousse Foundation

    Mousse Foundation, often referred to as whipped foundation makes a great pick for those who want to adorn a sleek matte finished foundation look. As it comes equipped with micro bubbles, it is lightweight in texture and is often preferred for soft light coverage looks. But if you’re someone who has just started to know about foundation, then we’ll recommend you don’t start with mousse as it is quite tricky to apply.

Best Foundation For Dry Skin

Europegirl’s New HD Matte Foundation – It’s A Full-Coverage Formula That Doesn’t Look Or Feel Like A Full-Coverage Foundation.

Europegirl’s Long-wear Matte Cover Foundation – Provides medium to full coverage with a matte finish with spf 15.

Europegirl’s Natural radiant Foundation – Its breathable, fade-resistant and help smooth and improve the look of your skin instantly.

Europegirl’s Luminous Weightless Foundation – offers the right amount of coverage for you to slay everyday!

So that was all for this article - Pick a right type of foundation for your skin type, the one that will flaunt your skin in the most stunning way and be the limelight of every other event!

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