How to remove eyelash extensions

How to remove eyelash extensions

Nothing amplifies your eye makeup look the way false eyelashes do. When you decide to include those fluttering lashes into your eye makeup regime, your entire look can transform into a glam one in seconds. And the best part - applying a good pair of false eyelashes is as easy as layering a mascara on, all you need with you is a fitting set of lashes just as EuropeGirl’s exceptional range of eyelashes. EuropeGirl’s eyelash range will give you the most natural look and add an unparalleled definition to your eyes on the go. You literally need to put in zero effort to adorn those staggering eyelashes.

Everything is fine and well with false lashes until it's time to get them off. The glue that sticks to them is often stubborn and takes effort to remove. Hence, you must opt for a proper procedure when it comes to removing your eyelash extensions. And to help you with that, we’ve come up with some solutions! Read on for the below-mentioned eyelash extension removal tips and get rid of your false lashes without causing any harm to your natural ones.

  1. Use an oil-based makeup cleanser

    Any known lash artist will not advise you to use an oil-based cleanser at the very first attempt, especially when it's the fresh set of eyelash extensions that we are talking about. As if you do so, you’ll have to compromise on the cohesiveness of the lash glue and this will result in causing your lashes to detach quite sooner.
    The one that we will recommend you to use is EuropeGirl’s Soothing cleansing oil – it comes infused with natural floral oils and will let you remove your eyelash extensions effortlessly. All you have to do is move the oil gently around your eyes whilst cleansing the face, in circular motions. Repeat until you see the lashes coming out.

  2. Apply castor oil or coconut oil

    Did you know that applying castor oil or coconut oil can do miracles for you? Not only do they serve several benefits for hair but are also known to be used for lash extension removal.
    Apart from castor oil and coconut oil – mineral oil, vegetable oil, and canola oil also weaken extension adhesives. All these oils are at very low risk of causing irritation and allergy. They are often used for removing lash extensions – here's how to use them.

    • Firstly, saturate a cotton pad with any of these preferred oils.
    • Secondly, gently dab and massage onto the lashes where you’ve applied the adhesive.
    • Lastly, remove after 30 seconds, till then you’ll have to remain patient as the oil travels to the lashes. Apply gentle pressure and try to reveal the lashes, if you have loosened, remove them slowly.

  3. Take a Hot Shower

    Well, if you are one of those who don’t want to do much of a work to remove their lashes - then this solution will fit perfectly for you. All you have to do is take a hot shower! Even though your lash artist will always advise you not to get your lashes wet but if it's the fault of that stubborn lash, then sticking to this particular solution would be best suitable. Make sure you keep your hands away from the lashes, once done with the shower – the lashes will come out on their own.

  4. Apply a professional lash glue-dissolving remover

    Lastly, if none of the above-listed solutions work for you, simply opt for a professional lash glue-dissolving remover. Well, before you go for this particular method – make sure the remover you are using doesn’t equip any harmful chemicals or else your eyes will have to deal with some irritation.
    After soaking a cotton pad with your preferred glue-dissolving remover, place it on the lashes. Ensure that you keep your eyes closed while doing this. Next, you’ll see the glue losing up and freeing the lashes.

So that was all for our guide on ‘’How to remove eyelash extensions.’’ Opt for a solution you find the most suitable for yourself and you’ll be already feeling relieved!
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