Difference Between Contour and Highlighter

Difference Between Contour and Highlighter

Do you often get confused between contour and highlighter sticks? Wondering what to apply where? Highlighting and contouring came into the trend when beauty fanatics started flaunting their chiseled features everywhere on social media platforms. Well, let's clear this doubt for once and good.

Here we go….!

The Difference between Contour and Highlighter


Contouring your face will make it appear more defined and structured - it adds that extra dimension and symmetry to your facial features on the go. You can get contours in powder, cream and stick form. As for the application part, you’ll need to place the product in the hollows of your cheek bones.

This will allow the natural shadows to fall on that area under light. Likewise, you can also contour on the jawline, hairline and sides of the nose. 

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EuropeGirl’s Contour palette

It comes equipped with 5 contouring ultra blendable shades and one corrector shade that work together to help you achieve a perfectly contoured complexion. 

EuropeGirl’s HD Powder Contour

This particular contour powder will let you sculpt, define and enhance your look on the go. It blends in easily and gives your face the ultimate contoured look!


Also known as "strobing", Highlighting has now become an essential tool in the makeup community. Just as contours, highlighters also come in different forms -  powders, creams, liquid or baked products.

They are usually used on the bony portions of the face like the cheekbones, brow bones, top of the forehead but also upper lip, inner corner of the eyes etc. On application, a highlighter will add a glow to the face and even emphasize certain facial features.

EuropeGirl’s After Glow Highlighter Palette EuropeGirl’s Endless Glow Highlighter
  • Suitable for all skin types and tones
  • Super pigmented
  • High powder starts out subtle for most intense illuminating
  • Multidimensional highlighting powder
EuropeGirl’s 2 Color Highlighter
  • Highly reflective pearl pigments
  • The powder creates a radiant yet flattering glow
  • It has a super fine silky powder

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