How to Choose Contour Shade

How to Choose Contour Shade

Contouring is a makeup technique that is surely not easy to achieve. But if you rival it, then believe me - you would be able to kick any makeup look with your chiselled jawline. That said, a part of winning the contouring game also relies on the type of shade you choose for your skin.

Because if you end up picking the wrong shade, your makeup look can turn into a havoc. Now to avoid that being into happening, let us move ahead and take glance at a contour guide that will help you nail that defining sculpted look!

How To Choose Your Contour Shade

Step 1: Find Your Undertone

Undertones play a key role in determining the right shades of makeup for every other base product. So the first step in choosing the right contour shade will be to decipher your undertone.

For this, simply take a look at your wrists to check the colour of your veins - if you’ve green veins, it means you’ve warm undertones, blue or purple veins indicates  you belong to the cool undertone category. And if its a mix of both blue and green veins, you’ll be heading towards a neutral undertone.

Step 2: Opt For The Right Shade

For this, you can take help from your foundation shade.

While finding the right contour shade for your skin tone, make sure you opt for a at least two shades darker than your foundation as this will allow you to create the necessary shadows.

But do keep in mind that going too dark will make you look harsh and patchy. So first start with a subtle contour and then build it up for a more defined look.

Step 3: Pick The Right Formula

Next comes to finding the right contour formula for your skin. Cream contour or powder contour? Which one to choose?

Let us make it easier for you. If you are a beginner, go for powder contours as they are easy to work with. On the other hand, if you are someone who have already mastered the blending techniques, then cream products will work the best for you!

Step 4: Choose The Right Contour Palette

Let us not dive into the sea of searching - we’ll recommend you our best pick for contour palette. Try EuropeGirl’s Contour palette which contains 5 contouring ultra blendable shades and one corrector shade that work together to help you achieve a perfectly contoured complexion. All you need to do is sculpt, define and enhance to create the illusion of refined features, higher cheekbones, a softer jawline or a slimmer nose. 

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