Which one is better cream or powder contour?

Which one is better cream or powder contour?

If you truly are a makeup enthusiast, you might already be having a contour cream or palette in your beauty kit. Contouring, as a concept is said to enhance the overall appearance of your face by just performing some shading. But when it comes to choosing between contour palettes and creams, you might get confused on what to actually land on. So which one is better cream or powder contour? Let us help you choose which contour formula will work best for you!

Which is Better for Contouring - Cream or Powder?

Cream Contour Kit

For someone with normal to dry complexion, a cream contour will work the best for you. A cream contour stick is comparatively easy to apply, a great advantage for contour newbies.

It also always come handy when you are running late as all you need to do is blend in with a cream contour and you’ll be good to go. 

Powder Contour Kit

Powder Contour are said to give you a more chiseled, defined look – it works best for those with oily skin. It is great for photogenic people as it will give your face a dramatic look that you will simply love to adorn all day long. Also, Powder Contours has more staying power as compared to cream formulations.


EuropeGirl’s Contour palette

It comes equipped with 5 contouring ultra blendable shades and one corrector shade that work together to help you achieve a perfectly contoured complexion. 

EuropeGirl’s HD Powder Contour

This particular contour powder will let you sculpt, define and enhance your look on the go. It blends in easily and gives your face the ultimate contoured look!


For someone who is new to the contouring game should consider picking the cream formula. On the other hand, if you are good at contouring and prefer more of defined makeup look, then powder formulas should be your go to option. 

We hope this guide has helped you choose the perfect contour for yourself.

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