What is The Difference Between Makeup Fixer and Setting Spray?

What is The Difference Between Makeup Fixer and Setting Spray?

The world of makeup can get convulated for those who don't undertsand it. Most beginners stumble at just the myriad of foundations available in the market.

This blog is about two products that makeup enthusiasts are confused about, but they are poles apart and serve a different purpose.

Makeup fixer sprays and Setting sprays are two products essential for anyone who applies makeup. They are both used on the face when one is done applying the makeup.

But how are they different? Can you skip one and keep using the other? No, you cannot. But to know more in detail, scroll below to know the difference between makeup fixer and setting spray.

What is a Makeup Fixer Spray?

Since the main ingredient in makeup fixers is alcohol, these sprays secure the makeup by making it last longer. One can describe it as an admirable mist that shields the makeup, helping it last throughout a full day.

A makeup fixer spray is the best for use during workouts, hot summer days, sweaty events, and even rain. It's the last step in the makeup routine. Applying this spray on an oily skin helps the makeup stay intact. The best part about these sprays are that even friction cannot wreck the makeup. As a result, applying a makeup fixer is an essential step that add a layer to your glam look.

Types of Makeup Fixer Sprays:

There are different makeup fixers for various skin types, but there are some makeup fixers that suit all skin types.

For dry skin: Choose a makeup fixer spray that comprises antioxidants and gives your skin moisture. 

For oily skin: Choose a makeup fixer spray that absorbs excess shine in the makeup or has mattifying ingredients.

Here are two types of Makeup Fixer from EuropeGirl:

Glow Me Makeup Fixer - This makeup fixer spray from EuropeGirl contains pearlescent shimmer particles. The quick-drying formula still provides all the hydrating, soothing and refreshing benefits and is enhanced with pearlescent particles for an ultra-illuminating effect on the skin. When you'll use this shimmer fixer spray, your skin will look healthy and radiant.

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Perfect Day Makeup Fixer - This Makeup Fixer is made to keep your makeup intact. It is lightweight and comfortable on your skin. The fixer's non-sticky formula emanates a stunning matte finish shine.

The spray keeps your skin hydrated and protects it from pollutants, which gives you a long-lasting makeup look.

This Cruelty-Free fixer spray is Travel-Friendly, thanks to its sturdy packaging.

What is a Setting Spray?

Setting sprays are light mists applied to the face after makeup is applied. All the layers of foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer and powder melt together for a smooth, flawless finish. Its nourishing components, such as water, glycerin, fruit extracts, and light oils, give the makeup a natural appearance. Glycerin traps moisture on the face, while water and light oils give a quick-drying look.

The Order of Applying these Sprays:

- Apply a revitalizing mist before the makeup.

- Use a setting spray after you've applied your makeup.

- Now, apply a fixing spray once setting spray is fully dried.

- Ensure that when you apply both these sprays, shake the spray bottles and then apply them in an X and T formation on the face.

- After spraying, allow it to get dry.

- You can choose to apply a little more refreshing mist throughout the day.

The difference between a Makeup Fixer and Setting Spray

In a nutshell, a makeup fixer is designed to fix the makeup making it last longer. Its main element is alcohol. On the other hand, a setting spray is a light mist which is applied on the face after you are done applying the makeup. It include ingredients like like water, fruit extracts, light oils, and glycerin.

A setting spray provides only a non-cakey look, whereas a makeup fixer gives long-lasting makeup by shielding it from humidity and sweat. Keep in mind that the latter mean longevity.

That’s it! We hope we helped you understand makeup fixer and setting sprays a little better! 

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