The best Makeup Fixer Spray in India - for all Skin types

The best Makeup Fixer Spray in India - for all Skin types

Makeup fixer sprays or setting sprays are a water-like mist that you spray onto your skin. It provides a great way to keep your makeup unwilted and flawless for a long times as it prevents creasing, melting, and smudging. The spray simply locks in your makeup, making your look last longer.

If you live in parts of India where the temperature gets hot in summer, a makeup fixer spray will prevent it from messing with your makeup. There are a myriad of makeup fixer sprays you can choose from: dewy, hydrating, illuminating, mattifying, oil-controlling and refreshing. 

Using Makeup Fixer Sprays:

Here's how to effectively use your makeup setting spray

Step 1: After you have applied all the makeup, hold the setting spray bottle a few inches away from your face, preferably 6-8 inches.

Step 2: Cover your eyes.

Step 3: Now, spray the mist all over your face. All you have to do it wait for it to dry.

Benefits of using Makeup Fixer Sprays:

Why do people use makeup fixer sprays? Due to its many benefits. Here are a few:

It provides a dewy glow.

Keeps the skin hydrated.

It's good at preventing excess oil production and shine.

It also extends the makeup finish by preventing creasing, melting, and smudging.

Now that you know about the benefits of makeup fixer sprays, it’s time to see the factors you should consider while buying one.

How to choose the best Makeup Fixer Sprays:

Here are some essential points to consider while purchasing any makeup setting spray.

Consider your skin type -

If you want to achieve optimum results with a makeup setting spray, it is important to choose one that matches your skin type. You should pick a makeup setting spray with a hydrating formula if you have dry skin. A mattifying spray is a good choice if you have oily or combination skin.

Know how long the sprays holds -

Makeup setting sprays work better if they are able to hold makeup in place so that it is less likely to smudge, melt, or crease. The better the staying power, the better. Several websites offer user reviews of their products so you can be sure that the spray you are considering will last for a long time.

Factor in the weather -

Summers are a time when the weather is hot and humid, and your makeup tends to melt off and smudge easily. In this sense, it is important to use a makeup setting spray that is sweat-proof and soothing during summer. During the winter months, your skin tends to get drier, and you might notice that your makeup looks cakey. So, go for a hydrating spray to lock in moisture and protect your skin from dry air.

Here are a few suitable Makeup Fixer Sprays in India, for all Skin types that will keep that makeup intact:

  1. Europe Girl Glow Me Makeup Fixer

Europe Girl Glow Me Makeup Fixer is a dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested hydrating spray with quick dry formula which adds radiance to your makeup.

This spray conditions the wearer's skin and keeps the makeup fresh for up to 8-12 hours.

Glow Me Makeup Fixer is suitable for all skin type which helps to set makeup, adding illuminating effect on skin.

Buy it from Europe Girl website: 

  1. L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics Infallible Makeup Extender Spray

L’Oreal Paris' Infallible Makeup Extender from is a dermatologist-tested and non-comedogenic fixer spray that keeps your makeup fresh and intact with its unique formula. This is an oil-free spray, which easily prevents the makeup from melting, smudging, thereby eliminating the need for multiple touch-ups.

Buy it from Amazon:

  1. Swiss Beauty MakeUp Fixer Natural

MakeUp Fixer Natural by Swiss Beauty is a well-known, non-sticky fixer spray that keeps the wearer's makeup fade-free and fresh for a long time. It is an ultralight, non-oily formula that blocks makeup from melting and fading. With natural aloe vera and vitamins, your skin will feel hydrated and refreshed.

Buy it from Amazon:

  1. Blue Heaven Long Lasting Makeup Fixer

The Blue Heaven Mist Spray Makeup Fixer provides a silky and dewy finish to your makeup. The spray has aloe vera, vitamins B5 and E formula which is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and sweatproof. With a few spritz, your makeup stays in place for an extended time while mattifying and soothing your face.

Buy it from Amazon:

  1. NYX Professional Makeup Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (Matte Finish)

For those with oily skin, NYX's Professional makeup fixer is a good investment. It's a long-lasting and lightweight spray that will lock all of your makeup in place which stays that way all day. This breathable spray is available in dewy and matte finish.

Buy it from Nykaa:


What are some ways of using a makeup fixer?

If you have you overapplied your powder or there's too much blush on your face, you can spray some  and use a damp beauty blender to push the product into your skin. This will remove not only any cakiness, but it will also make your blush look airbrushed and ensure that it looks seamless, not to mention remove any cakiness on your face.

Which makeup fixer is best for all skin types?

Glow Me Makeup Fixer, perfect Day Makeup Fixer and Maybelline Superstay 24 Makeup-Locking Setting Spray are the best makeup fixer best for all skin types.

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