The Best Liquid Foundation For A Flawless Indian Skin - For EuropeGirl

The Best Liquid Foundation For A Flawless Indian Skin - For EuropeGirl

Liquid Foundation is one of the most common foundation types that is suitable for all skin types. It is usually packed in tubes or bottles that make them travel-friendly.

When choosing a foundation, you should know about the shade you'll be using and the undertone. That way, you'll get the desired finish after applying your foundation.

But knowing what type of foundation suits your face is a herculean task, which I undertook and this blog will serve as your guide to buy the best-quality liquid foundation for your flawless Indian skin.

These foundations will suit your skin, enhance your make-up, and give you a flawless look.

A pro tip: You can mix two shades of liquid foundations to make a custom shade that matches your skin tone.

How To Choose The Right Shade Of Foundation

Actors always look breathtaking at their public appearances. There are two reasons - their makeup artists are experience, and the second is finding the right shade of foundation for your skin.

Our skin is complicated and has imperfections such as blotches, spots, t-zones, etc. You can look stunning even with them by finding the right foundation.

How To Perfectly Apply The Foundation?

Now that you know the importance of a proper foundation, the final look depends on depends proper application can. Here's how to achieve a perfect result:

Step 1: Use a gentle cleanser to wash your face.

Step 2: Moisturise your skin.

Step 3: Wait for 5-10 minutes before you apply the foundation.

Step 4: Take a lightweight primer and apply it on your skin. This will create a smooth base. Users with dry skin should choose a hyrdating primer, while those with oily skin should oick pore filling and blurring primer.

Step 5: Take a few dots of the foundation and apply them all over your face.

Step 6: Use a damp beauty sponge to mix the foundation. You can also use a foundation brush.

Step 7: In case the pigmentation is still visible, follow step 6 with just one more layer of the foundation. Ensure that the makeup base does not look unnatural.

Step 8: You have to wait for the foundation to dry.

Step 9: For an enhanced look, use our Glow Me Makeup Fixer spray after applying the rest of your makeup.

Now that you know how to choose the accurate foundation shade and how to apply it, here are our best Liquid Foundation for all skin types:

  1. Europegirl Natural Radiant Foundation

The Natural Radiant Foundation is super natural and has high coverage. Being fade-resistant and lasting from 12-16 hours, this foundation is unlike anything else. 

You get buildable coverage without the weight. With this foundation, you'll get a natural finish that'll match your skin tone perfectly!

Moreover, Natural radiant Foundation is alcohol-free, paraben-free, oil-free, non-drying, and dermatologist tested.

As if it had just been applied, this product remains fresh and vibrant for a long time to come. With unique blend-ability, the product has an imperceptible, natural effect that appears like skin without looking cakey, heavy, drying, or masking at the same time.

  1. Long-wear Matte Cover

Long-wear Matte Cover Provides medium to full coverage long wear technology, that lasts for about 8-10 hours. Its matte finish comes with SPF 15 and is oil free with a mild fragrance transference.

It is specially formulated to lift your skin and it won’t fade off or cake. If you want flawless and even skin, then look no further than Long-wear Matte Cover.

With high coverage, this is one of the best foundations you'll own.

  1. New HD Matte Foundation

The New HD Matte Foundation is a full-coverage foundation  that is smudge-Proof and waterproof. By creating a long-lasting atte finish, it will perfectly blend with your skin tone.

This long-Lasting foundation is non-comedogenic and the coverage is super high. Moreover, its matte-finish and full-coverage formula completely covers uneven skin tone, blemishes, and imperfections.

You'll love the way it will give your skin a smooth and flawless finish - without looking cakey.

  1. Luminous Weightless Foundation

Our all-day luminous weightless foundation is perfect for all skin tones and types. It has a dewy look and can last up to 15 hours after it's applied.

Spend your days at work? You won't feel a sweat as Luminous Weightless Foundation can be your go-to foundation for an everyday look! This skin-lifting foundation will conceal everything on your face.

Buy it from here: 

  1. Flawless Fusion

Flawless Fusion is an and unstoppable and untraceable foundation. This is both, strong-wear and long-wear. The latter is lightweight, making high coverage natural.

This foundation is breathable fade-resistant, sweat-resistant, and transfer-resistant, giving you the look you are rooting for. As for the wear, it lasts a long time, all the while ensuring you have a natural match.

Buy it from here: 


  1. Which is the best EuropeGirl liquid foundation for Indian skin?
  2. A. All the above foundations from EuropeGirl are of the top-quality and provide 100% effective results. We recommend using your skin type as the ultimate gauge before settling for our liquid foundation.
  1. My skin oily in some place, and dry in others. How should I choose a foundation?

You should avoid foundations that are formulated to be or oil-rich and try mixing and matching formulas.

  1. Will the beige foundation give warm or cool tone to my skin?

The beige foundation will give a warm tone to your skin.

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