Best makeup primer for all skin types

Best makeup primer for all skin types

What decides the final look of your makeup are the elements that you use to prep the initial base – and when we say that, we specifically refer to using the right PRIMER. A primer is an indispensable product that you need to equip within your makeup base regime in order to build a smooth canvas for further application. It will cover your imperfections, allow the makeup to adhere better and ultimately do THE BEST thing to your skin. Opt for a suitable primer and you’ll be already flaunting your finished, natural base look. Well, here are some of the best primers for all skin types that are a must-try. Keep reading and you’ll be convinced already!!

Primer for oily skin

If your skin becomes greasy and shiny few hours after applying makeup, then you’re most likely to have oily skin type. So when it comes to choosing a primer, you’ll have to look for one that controls excess sebum production and provides a matte finish to your skin. And if you’re someone who is prone to breakouts and blemishes, always stick to a primer that will act as a barrier between your foundation and skin – this will allow you to continue using your favourite makeup products without having to worry about breakouts. Always opt for a non-comedogenic primers as they will not block or clog your skin pores and even prevent unwanted breakouts and spots keeping your skin flawless for a long period!

Perfect match for oily skin – EuropeGirl’s Pore primer

Primer for dry skin

Flakiness and itchiness is something that people with dry skin always complain about. And for that they are always said to opt for hydrating makeup products as that is what will keep their skin woes at bay. There are some illuminating makeup primers available specifically for dry skin types that helps lock in moisture and prevent water loss from the skin.

Tip: Whenever you wish to make your matte foundation appear dewy, just mix a few drops of your primer with the foundation and you’ll already see your skin’s radiance amped up.

Perfect match for dry skin – EuropeGirl’s Oil primer

Primer for combination skin

People with combination skin types will require to add a bit of everything to get that perfect finished base for their makeup look. Mostly primers for combination skin steals away the excess shine that occasionally builds up over the T-zone of the face but they will provide the required hydration to your skin. So opt for a primer that is neutral in nature and will help smoothen your skin’s texture and even prolong your makeup’s wear for that matter. As for people with normal or combination skin, your skin does not need to do much of a work - you can easily find your primer type almost anywhere without any hassle!

Perfect match for combination skin – EuropeGirl’s Gel Primer

So next time choose the right kind of primer for your skin and enhance the final look of your makeup on the go!

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