How to clean eyelash extensions

How to clean eyelash extensions

Wearing makeup is hunky-dory but not the time that goes into it. Thanks to the advancements made in the cosmetics industry – go-to makeup kits and tools have made our lives a lot easier. Apart from eyebrow tinting and lip blushing – one such thing that is a complete saviour when it comes to fastening the makeup process is eyelash extensions. They help add volume and length to your natural lashes on the go. That said, you’ll find no better lashes than EuropeGirl’s exceptionally phenomenal range of eyelashes. Check their eyelash range here.

These lashes come equipped with glue and typically need some expertise for removal. We say this because you’ll go over and above when trying to get your falsies removed. And even more than that, it's important that you keep them clean or else you’ll end up causing irritation to your eyes! And to help you with that concern, we’ve come up with some ideas that will let you clean your eyelash extensions in the best ways possible!

Here, let's take a look!

Best Way to Clean Eyelash Extensions


Apply lash shampoo:

Always use specialized lash extension cleanser when it comes to cleansing your lashes. As special lash cleansers will not only keep your lash extensions soft and fresh but also boost the lifespan of your lashes.

Use a hairdryer:

After you’re done cleansing your lashes, consider using a hairdryer on a low, cool setting. This will fasten the drying process.

Be gentle:

If you cleanse your false eyelashes vigorously, there are chances they won’t stand for a long time. So to prevent this from happening, consider dabbing your eyelashes gently while removing makeup and drying.

Cure your lashes:

Always follow the aftercare instructions. Wait for forty-eight hours before you cleanse your lashes as your falsies will need time to cure and become waterproof.

Use Mineral-based products:

Relying on mineral-based products for cleaning your lash extensions can maintain them for the long run. They will serve as the most ideal alternative for destructive oil formulations. On the other hand, if you’re someone who tends to have oily eyelids, then you might need to clean your falsies almost every other day.

Do not use cotton buds:

As for what to use when it comes to cleaning your lashes, it's always advisable not to use cotton buds, sponges, and similar materials. They will do more harm than good to your lashes and will make your extensions fall out relatively sooner.

Avoid wearing mascara:

Even though lash extensions will provide enough length and volume to your natural eyelashes, at times you may not be satisfied with them. And ultimately you may go on and apply eyeliner or mascara and in the worst case, if those are waterproof versions of themselves - you’ll have to put in a lot of effort to clean them. So better avoid applying mascara or eyeliner to your lash extensions.

So this was how you can manage to keep your eyelash extensions clean. For more such tips and tricks on makeup, follow us on our Instagram handle! Till then - Flaunt your makeup, Flaunt the person in you!

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