Pros and cons of eyelash extensions

Pros and cons of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are trending everywhere! Well, if you are looking to give them a try and want to know whether they will be the right choice for you or not - then you’ve arrived at the right place! Down below we’ve discussed pros + cons of eyelash extensions that will help you decide on your option!

Eyelash extensions - The Pros

Adds natural-looking volume and length on the go

Nothing but eyelash extensions can give a defined and brushed look to your eyes on the go. You can give your lashes a natural-looking volume and length in an instant with eyelash extensions without any hassle!

Shortens time for your makeup routine

Well, save yourself from the hassle of applying mascara, eyeliner, or even any eye makeup. Lash extensions are everything you’ll need to get a defined eye look. That will ultimately save you a lots of time. When you have the right set of lashes, you don't need to think twice about your eye makeup look.

Easy to apply

The best part of applying eyelash extensions is that they are super-easy to apply. Just use a convenient, durable adhesive; apply the falsies and you are good to go! That's it, your overall look will get elevated in no time!

Completely safe to apply

Many used to fear wearing lash falsies in early years but now as they have become versatile all over around - they have become progressively harmless and safe today. Make sure you are well aware of how to apply your eyelash extensions, if not then visit a licensed professional. They will use components like gel pads, cleansers, and adhesives and will ensure you get your lashed affixed safely.

Long Lasting

Eyelash extensions definitely equips a longer life span compared to other lash types. They are capable of staying intact for straight three to four weeks. If you’re someone who want wants to save themselves from the hassle of removing falsies every other day, then eyelash extensions are your go-to option!

Eyelash extensions - The Cons

Possibility of contracting allergies

Well, this is something very rare to happen but it is possible to contract an allergic reaction to the adhesive used to affix the eyelash extensions. You can develop eye infections or discomforts like swelling, redness, styes, or itching sensations around your eyes within a few hours or days after getting your new lashes fixed. So it is always advised to perform an allergy test before applying the extensions to avoid any sort of eye discomfort.

A bit pricey

As not everyone requires eyelash extensions and that it is something you won’t look after to wearing on a daily basis - eyelash falsies are comparatively placed at a higher price value. Depending on the type of lashes you choose, the price and the overall look will vary accordingly. So get a price point of yours ready already and then only make the purchase for your eyelash extensions!

Requires Maintenance

In order to keep your lash extensions clean and brushed, you’ll require to keep a proper maintenance of it. Only then, your extensions will hold style and retain in good condition for longer duration. For this to happen, try including a eyelash care in your daily beauty regime and make your eyelash extensions look beautiful forever.

Can affect your natural lashes if not applied properly

Always ensure the extensions you’re applying are compatible with your natural lashes, or you’ll eventually notice premature shedding of your natural lashes. Look regarding length, curl, and thickness – if you observe any discomfort on your lashes, avoid using them immediately.

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