Best Affordable Cruelty-Free Makeup Products Under Rs 500

Best Affordable Cruelty-Free Makeup Products Under Rs 500

Ever come across a makeup product that you liked pretty enough to make a purchase, but then realize that it's something that you can't afford to buy at the current moment. Well, there might be several products that you would have given up on just because of the budget in particular. 

To make sure that does not happen to you time and again, we’ve picked some of the best Affordable Cruelty-Free Makeup Products Under Rs 500 that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and make you look oh-so stunning at the same time!

Matchmaster Concealer

EuropeGirl’s Matchmaster Concealer literally works like a magical wand and helps to conceal dark circles and blemishes in a swipe. 

It's been a rage product from EuropeGirl as influencers and beauty professionals widely use it. Equipped with a creamy and lightweight texture, it feels like a second shade on your skin. 

Glitter Glue & Base Primer

Wanna make your skin look luminous and airbrushed, look no further than EuropeGirl’s Glitter Glue & Base Primer

It is formulated in a way that will glide the primer smoothly and securely hold glitter and other makeup accents in place all day long. Additionally, it won't dry out or cake on your skin and is suitable for all skin types. 

Max Volume Dramatic Lightweight Mascara

A perfect mascara to add all the required drama to your eyes –  EuropeGirl’s Max Volume Dramatic Lightweight Mascara will provide your lashes an instant volume, length, and definition. You can easily create a deeper lash look with this mascara for sure!


  • Max volume mascara that can be used every day.
  • Lightweight, yet volumizing; and dark, yet subtle
  • Thickens and elongates lashes without smudging or clumping the mascara
  • Easy-to-remove formula that does not damage the lashes
  • Extra stiff cover glass-shaped brush

Charming Matte Eyeshadow

Be it a date or wedding night, EuropeGirl’s Charming Matte Eyeshadow will let you shine with your eyes no matter what. With its blendable shades and shimmer finishes, you would be able to create a multitude of eye looks in a go.


  • Lasts For Hours Without Creasing Or Smudging
  • This Product Is Free From Parabens, D5, Oil, Mineral Oil, And Nano-Ingredients
  • Easy To Blend
  • The Compact Case Makes It Easy For Storing And Traveling
  • Included Items: 1 Brush & Mirror

Precious Felt Tip Pen Liner

One of the top-most fave products of almost every individual, eyeliner is something that can add depth to how your eyes appear to everyone.

EuropeGirl’s Precious Felt Tip Pen Liner is the most affordable one you can get your hands on to create a mesmerizing flick in a swipe. Its smooth, smudge-free, water-resistant, and finely pigmented formula is all you need to have in your makeup vanity.


  • Smudge free formula that is lasts long
  • Extra black and prominent
  • For a subtle look, create a thin line along your lash line
  • For a graphic look, reshape your eyes with a thicker and more dramatic line

Audacious Creamy Matte Lipstick

Make your lips pout-perfect by gliding EuropeGirl’s creamy textured Audacious Creamy Matte Lipstick on your lips.

There’s a shade for everyone, just choose from a shade you like and you’ll be all set to carry a stunning lippie look!


  • Effortlessly glides over lips
  • Soft matte finish
  • The creamy texture gives you pout worthy lips in one stroke
  • Cruelty free and not tested on animals
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