Unveiling Revive Makeup Mixing liquid

Unveiling Revive Makeup Mixing liquid

Have your eyeliner dried out or do you want to enhance the color of your eye shadows? Well, if this is the case with you then we have a magical product for you. A makeup-mixing liquid that will help you revive some of your precious products back to life!

Unveiling Revive Makeup Mixing Liquid

EuropeGirl’s Unveiling Revive makeup mixing liquid will restore the exact consistency of any gel eyeliner or brow liner gel and even enhance the color of loose eye shadows at once.

Just a small amount of this Revive makeup mixing liquid and you can effectively bring your depleted makeup products back to work! 


  • Waterless, clear liquid
  • Helps to create a long-lasting effect with any eye shadow product
  • Transforms eye shadow into long-lasting eyeliner
  • Intensifies the depth of eye shadow colors
  • Dries quickly without smudging

How to Apply Revive Makeup Mixing Liquid:

Dispense 1-2 drops of Revive primer apply it to your eyelids and gently blend for a flawless base. Revive Makeup Mixing Liquid will empower you to create waterproof, long-lasting eye makeup effortlessly.


  • Flawless Eyelid Base: Achieve a seamless canvas for your eye makeup, free from creases and smudges.
  • Extended Makeup Durability: Our long-lasting eye primer keeps your makeup looking vibrant and intact for hours.
  • Swift Application: With its quick-drying formula, Revive enables a fast and hassle-free makeup application.
  • Skin-Friendly Formula: Trust in a paraben and silicone-free product that's gentle on your skin.
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