How do you use Europegirl's Revive Mixing liquid?

How do you use Europegirl's Revive Mixing liquid?

EuropeGirl’s Unveiling Revive makeup mixing liquid is a magical product that works by restoring the exact consistency of any gel eyeliner or brow liner gel and even enhancing the color of loose eye shadows at once. Just a tiny amount of this Revive makeup mixing liquid and you can effectively bring your dead makeup products back to life!

Here’s how to use Europegirl's Revive mixing liquid: 

Step 1: Dispense 1-2 drops of Revive mixing liquid to your dried product.

Step 2: Mix it properly and allow it to set into the product for a few seconds. 

Step 3: Now you can check for consistency – it will be the same as when bought new. 


  • Waterless, clear liquid
  • Helps to create a long-lasting effect with any eye shadow product
  • Transforms eye shadow into long-lasting eyeliner
  • Intensifies the depth of eye shadow colors
  • Dries quickly without smudging

So, why wait any longer - bring your dried/dead products back with this magical revive mixing liquid!

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