7 Best Eyeshadow Color Combinations

7 Best Eyeshadow Color Combinations

Do you have a beautiful eyeshadow palette with a lot of colors but always get confused when it comes to the applying part? Well, you are not alone! With so many colors out there, it's hard to not get lost in the color zones of eyeshadow. But hey, that is exactly why we are here for! We are going to present you with some of the best eyeshadow color combinations that exist. So, are you ready to explore? Come, let's join…!

The Best Eyeshadow Color Combinations for Eyes

Pale Pink, Blush, And Dusty Rose

A shade of pale pink, blush and dusty rose is all you need to create a romantic look for your date.

Dust a medium shade of pink to your entire eyelid and then apply a pale pink to highlight the inner corner of your eyes followed by a darker pink shade.

Gold And Chocolate 

When you’re in the mood of wearing a neutral smokey eye look, then this particular eyeshadow combo is what you need to try.

Just a shade of gold combined with beige and chocolate across your lids will do all the drama to your eyes. 

Bronze and Gold

Bronze and gold tones when come together into the picture create a heavenly eyeshadow look.

You must try this particular combo and trust me, you’ll already be ruling hearts. 

Navy And Pink

Coming to the bold side, if you want to try a bold look, then you should opt for navy. Start with applying the navy shade in the crease and outer corners of your eyes and then with a peachy pink or a cool pink.

Gold, Copper, And Brown

Layer neutral colors like gold, copper, and brown and you’ll be surprised to see how bold your eyes look. Before you start applying these shades to your eyelid, apply an eyeshadow primer or concealer - doing so will help these bold colors pop.

Gold And Wine

With this combination, use the gold to highlight the inner corners and middle of your lid and then dust off some wine shade to define your creases. 

Bronze and plum

With a combination of bronze and plum eyeshadow, pull off any occasion like parties or weddings. This match will surely grab all the right attention towards you and can be worn best with both traditional outfits.

Now that you are aware of some of the most inspiring eyeshadow combinations, you can make your eye look more defined and dramatic. Also, do try some of your own shade mixes because you never know, you could come across an even better combo!

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