Best EuropeGirl’s eyeshadow palette under 1000

Best EuropeGirl’s eyeshadow palette under 1000

Whenever there's a need for a glam makeup look, you can’t skip onto the eyeshadow part.

Eyeshadows give your makeup that feels of touch that no other product could dare to match. And that is why, you won't see a makeup look without eyeshadows at any special event.

To define in particular, Eyeshadows glorify the eyes in a way that helps make our whole face look captivating. So if you are in search of the Best Eyeshadow palette under 1000 in India, then this is the place you must be at. Down below, we’ve listed 5 of the best eyeshadow palettes under 1000 that will enhance the beauty of yours even more!

Affordable Eyeshadow Palette Under 1000 In India

EuropeGirl’s 10 Color Eyeshadow Secret Palette

With its 10 vibrant shades, this eyeshadow palette will get you covered for every other occasion.

The best part, it includes a glossy ester that provides color intensity and brightness to boost the vibrancy of the shades. These shades are so smooth, they will glide onto your eyelids like butter and make them look dreamy in one go!

EuropeGirl’s 9 in 1 matte eyeshadow palette

Step into the spotlight of warm shades with EuropeGirl’s 9 in 1 matte eyeshadow palette. With the ideal blend of 9 matte shades, you can effortlessly adorn a classy vibrant eyeshadow makeup look for your special event.

These shades are easy to blend and mix up with each other to create a number of stunning looks. 

EuropeGirl’s 12 Shade Worth The Glow Glitter Palette

Wanna indulge in a glittery vibe, then look no further than EuropeGirl’s 12 Shade Worth The Glow Glitter Palette.

This palette is loaded with 12 extraordinary pigmented shades that you can utilize to create a number of eye-catching looks. Whether be it a daytime show or a night party, this eyeshadow palette will account it for all. 

EuropeGirl’s 12 Colors Candy Eyeshadow – Perfection Palette

Just as the name says, this eyeshadow palette will let you adorn an eye makeup look that will appear no less than perfection.

All the shades in the palette are truly pigmented and blendable which will ultimately account for a gleaming eye makeup look. This palette is perfect for all your occasions and events – just match it along with two-three shades and you’ll already be slaying!

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