A Look Inside: Unveiling the Features of EuropeGirl Trunk Bags

A Look Inside: Unveiling the Features of EuropeGirl Trunk Bags

Makeup products need a great amount of care especially when you are taking them along while traveling. A little negligence of these products can cost you a lot and hence it is always advised to carry a suitable makeup trunk bag that can safely keep your makeup products at one place.

That said, let’s take a look inside the two most amazing travel trunk bags from EuropeGirl that offers the right space for compartments and pockets for you to easily organize your makeup on the go!  

Unveiling the Features of EuropeGirl Trunk Bags

Makeup Trunk Bag 

This makeup trunk bag from EuropeGirl is everything you could dream of! Here, you can organize all of your makeup products in one place. It comes with a front zip and side pockets, making it convenient and accessible for all carrying several makeup variants.


You also get a bunch of 4 separate pouches along with this trunk bag where you can easily organize products like eyeshadow palettes, concealers, foundation, lipsticks, beauty blenders, and several others. There are also three compartments meant for keeping makeup brushes and two side pockets for keeping stuff like small mirrors and makeup removal wipes.

Travel Trunk Bag 

If you are a travel buddy who loves to carry your makeup along, then this travel trunk bag has to be at your side wherever you go.


Encased in a durable exterior material, this Vanity bag comes with a buckle mannered bag closure. Inside it are a pack of 5 removable pouch with a zip which will prevent your products from crumbling.

So keep your beauty stash in these makeup bags and you’ll have all your makeup products safe even while traveling!

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