What’s The Difference Between Compact Powder And Loose Powder?

What’s The Difference Between Compact Powder And Loose Powder?

There was a time when face powder was considered a vital makeup products in everyone’s bag. It was a go-to product for people who wanted to give their skin a quick touchup.

However, over the years face powder has evolved into many types like finishing powder, mineral powder, HD powder, banana powder, loose powder, and translucent powder.

Speaking of which, the most confusing ones among these are compact powder and loose powder. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the difference between compact powder and loose powder. Let’s get started!

Difference Between Compact Powder And Loose Powder

What Is A Compact Powder?

When your skin requires a touchup, you know that no other product could provide you the coverage that a compact powder will do.

Compact powders are usually pressed into a pan and are used to get rid of the excess oil and sweat on your face. Also on days when you don't wish to opt for a proper base, you can just apply compact powder as your base makeup and you’ll be already adorning a flawless coverage.

It works best for people with normal to oily skin.

What Is A Loose Powder?

Just as the name says - loose powders have a fine, powdery appearance. Unlike compact powders, they are quite difficult to work with.

You’ll always need a sponge or brush to apply it to your face. Loose powders are usually used to set the liquid foundation and concealer and make them stick for a longer period.

It's a key product used in a process called baking wherein the loose powder is dabbed over the concealer on your under-eye area to prevent creasing and also minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles at the same time.

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